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Problem with .NET applications and pipes in 1.7.11

Hi everyone.

As some other people have reported, there seems to be some problem with 
pipes in 1.7.11 which appears to have been introduced in 1.7.10. I can 
confirm that 1.7.9 and 1.7.7 works as expected, but I don't have a 1.7.10 
installation so I cannot test that. Others have reported problems with that 

# myapp
Hello World

# myapp > test.txt

# cat test.txt
Hello World

# myapp | tee test-tee.txt

# cat test-tee.txt

# myapp | cat

# myapp | more
Hello World


myapp is a C# application containing a single Console.WriteLine("Hello 
World");. myapp is in my PATH, but not in my current directory. The path to 
myapp is 80 characters long and 8 directories deep, containing no spaces or 
wierd characters. It does not appear to matter if it's a 32 or 64 bit 

I'm running Windows 7 Professional (64 bit). My current workaround is to use 
an old version (1.7.7) which works for now, but I'd preferr to be able to 
use the current version so I'd be happy to provide additional information 
and assistance in order to get this issue solved.

David Lindström 

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