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cygport/setup questions

I'm in the process of preparing an update for our aging Cygwin
installation at work.  The basic (unattended) install is now working
even if it needs some more testing.  I will have to patch a few
applications, install many more packages from CPAN and somehow customize
the installation as a last step.  So I guess it makes sense to have a
local package repository in addition to the mirrors.  I am planning to
use cygport for creating the local packages, but I'm having a few

1. Is there some way to specify CPAN bundles rather than individual
packages in the .cygport file?  I don't mind if I'll get a for
each package the bundle pulls in, I just want to limit the number of
packages visible during setup.

2. How should I name a package that I patch locally?  Can I use a
non-numerical RELEASE, I'd like to avoid name clashes between the patched
package and later official releases.  For the patch itself, I just edit
the sources, that cygport is going to build from.  Do I have to
(re-)generate the src.patch before each build or is cygport doing that
by itself?

3. How can I make sure that local customizations are always done after
all "real" package installs?  It seems there is a hidden category
_PostInstallLast that may or may not do that.  Also, I might need to
control the order of post-install scripts, they seem to be run in
alphabetical order, can I rely on that?

4. From the testing results so far, I will always have to do a rebaseall
and perlrebase.  Can I do this from setup.exe (after customization) or
does it have to be a separate process after setup.exe has finished?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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