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Re: emacsclient from cygwin distro does not work with Cygwin emacs

Ken Brown <> was heard to say:

I can confirm that Emacs does not honor server-auth-dir. I did not
customize this variable or alter it otherwise. Its value is
"~/.emacs.d/server/" which is apparently a hard-coded default. However,
my server file is in "/tmp/emacs45021/", not in "~/.emacs.d/server/". If
I quit Emacs and create "~/.emacs.d/server/" (which did not exist on my
system), Emacs still does not use this directory when I start it again.

Thanks for chiming in. I went back to the sources (lisp/server.el) and found out that Emacs does what it is told there. The directory specified in "server-auth-dir" is honored only if the server is supposed to use TCP sockets instead of local sockets. Local sockets end up in /tmp/emacsXY/ which is what I observe here. In order to use TCP sockets, you have to set "server-use-tcp" to a non-nil value. However, attempting to start the server throws me into the debugger if I do that. I'll leave that to the OP as I don't use TCP sockets.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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