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bash not responding to control-c when started from cygwin.bat

Got another console / bash oddity that just started...

When I start a bash window with C:\cygwin\Cygwin.bat, which runs bash as...

bash --login -i

...doing ^C gets no response:  It doesn't clear typing, it doesn't go
back to the shell, it doesn't stop a running program.

If I start bash from another .bat file, but without those options,
there is still no response to ^C.  But if I start bash as a child
process (with no options), ^C works.  That is, steps to reproduce are:

Start Cygwin.bat
$ ^C  <== nothing happens
$ bash
$ ^C  <== normal ^C response
$ exit
$ ^C  <== nothing happens

I'm 98% sure I would have noticed the lack of ^C fairly soon after it
started happening.  Yesterday is when I first noticed it.  Haven't run
setup.exe, didn't change any profile or rc files.  Yeah, I was using
git over in a Windows console, and it's possible it changed something
in the registry entry for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console, but I don't see
anything there that seems related to ^C, and Windows console is
responding normally to ^C.  I have a recent backup copy of that branch
in the registry, and it hasn't changed.

Any ideas on what's going on? or what I should check?


-- Pat

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