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Re: Can't reliably redirect standard output from C# program in recent Cygwin

I've just noticed what sounds like the same issue:

On Windows 7, in a 'cmd' window (at a 'cmd' prompt) doing the following fails
more often than not:

perl -e 'print "abc";' | \cygwin\bin\more

That is: "abc" does not always display on the screen after
the command is executed.

I note that the problem does not seem to happen in a mintty window
or in bash started from a 'cmd' window.

I'm running cygwin perl 5.14 with an up-to-date cygwin.

Bill Meier

(I'm replying using gmane so as to keep the reply threaded
 not knowing how else
to do this).
aspell-en               7.1.0-1              OK
base-cygwin             3.0-1                OK
base-files              4.1-1                OK
base-passwd             3.1-2                OK
bash                    4.1.10-4             OK
binutils                2.22.51-1            OK
bison                   2.4.2-1              OK
build-docbook-catalog   1.5-2                OK
bzip2                   1.0.6-2              OK
ca-certificates         1.81-1               OK
coreutils               8.15-1               OK
cpio                    2.11-1               OK
crypt                   1.1-1                OK
csih                    0.9.5-1              OK
ctags                   5.8-1                OK
cygrunsrv               1.40-1               OK
cygutils                1.4.8-1              OK
cygwin                  1.7.11-1             OK
cygwin-doc              1.7-1                OK
dash                    0.5.7-1              OK
patchutils              0.3.2-1              OK
perl                    5.14.1-2             OK
perl_manpages           5.10.1-5             OK
ping                    1.0-1                OK

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