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Re: Cygwin for Fedora?

On Thu, Mar 08, 2012 at 01:50:37PM +0530, Harry Simons wrote:
> My intent is not to emulate the low-level operating system API, it is 
> rather to emulate the *environment* consisting of packages and programs, 
> their versions, etc.

The problem I see with trying to emulate is that you don't have the MS OS
to test against.

For example, if you were trying to test scripts that were started from cron,
the cygwyn cron program wouldn't have what it needs from the MS OS, because it
isn't there.

As far as scripts are concerned, yes there are differences because of the
forward and backslash differences in path names and using cygwin tools to
convert from one to the other.  I too have Z-shell scripts on my XP boxes.
When running MS programs, the MS paths are needed.

But how do you test running MS programs when the MS programs do not exist?
For example, I have a complicated scripts that is used to doing x264
comiling, with other MS programs getting run to set up some other stuff,
like the audio.  Those are all MS programs.  Impossible to test, other than
on a MS system.

Unless I'm missing something and therefore way off base, I just do not see
the need.  Testing should be done under the actual environment.

Bring up Wine on your system, load the MS and cygwin.  Test away.

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