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Re: Cygwin for Fedora?

On 2012-03-08 02:20, Harry Simons wrote:
My intent is not to emulate the low-level operating system API, it is
rather to emulate the *environment* consisting of packages and programs,
their versions, etc.

For example, instead of just imagining that I have taken care of these
subtleties (
in my programs (and possibly others), I would like to actually be able
to test them. And, as I said, instead of asking for access to a
Windows/Cygwin node from my sys admin, it would be wonderful if I could
achieve a "Linux on top of Linux", weird as it may sound.

In short, no. If you want to do runtime testing of software on Cygwin, you'll have to run Cygwin on Windows. That being said, you could run Windows in a hypervisor (such as VirtualBox) and try running Cygwin in that VM.

So, this need for cross-platform compatibility (of my scripts) (between
just the two of Windows and Fedora) may not be entirely unwarranted.
Somewhat like the concept of cross-compilation for C programs without
access to a physical target.

A Cygwin cross-compiler toolchain and compatible packages are available for Fedora 14 and up. The release RPM needed to install these via yum or PackageKit is available at:


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