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Re: Both versions of Perl (5.10 and 5.14) DLL collision on XP Pro, rebase does not work - serious problem with latest Cygwin base Release - 1.7.11-1

On Mar  7 09:30, Kelly, Brian wrote:
> On two systems I tested this on, the latest cygwin base release breaks
> both releases of Perl. The problem appears to be some type of DLL
> collision with some types of compiled Perl modules on Windows XP
> Professional. Below is a simple example using the Data::Dump::Streamer
> module:
> use Data::Dump::Streamer;
> my $out=`ls`;
> print "OUT=$out\n";
> When run, it produces the following output:
> $ perl
>       8 [main] perl 3692 child_copy: loaded dll data write copy failed, 0x57573000..0x575733E0, done 0, windows pid 2320, Win32 error 487
> If you comment out the module, the backtick `ls` and print run fine.
> If you comment out the backtick line, the module loads fine. But
> together, I see the problem.
> I have already attempted to run rebaseall and perlrebase (multiple
> times in fact), but these do not correct the problem. When I roll back
> to release 1.7.10-1, (with *NO* other changes), the problem goes away.

Did you also rebase the DLL providing Data::Dump::Streamer?  I'm not
fluent in perl so I don't know how to get this DLL.  The above is
definitely a collision problem, but it may be persistent for you because
the self-built(?) DLL is never taken into account when rebasing.


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