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Both versions of Perl (5.10 and 5.14) DLL collision on XP Pro, rebase does not work - serious problem with latest Cygwin base Release - 1.7.11-1

On two systems I tested this on, the latest cygwin base release breaks both releases of Perl. The problem appears to be some type of DLL collision with some types of compiled Perl modules on Windows XP Professional. Below is a simple example using the Data::Dump::Streamer module:

use Data::Dump::Streamer;
my $out=`ls`;
print "OUT=$out\n";

When run, it produces the following output:

$ perl
      8 [main] perl 3692 child_copy: loaded dll data write copy failed, 0x57573000..0x575733E0, done 0, windows pid 2320, Win32 error 487

If you comment out the module, the backtick `ls` and print run fine. If you comment out the backtick line, the module loads fine. But together, I see the problem.

I have already attempted to run rebaseall and perlrebase (multiple times in fact), but these do not correct the problem. When I roll back to release 1.7.10-1, (with *NO* other changes), the problem goes away.

Please find attached my cygcheck output.

Brian Kelly

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