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Re: How to uninstall tetex (without installing texlive)?

On 07/03/2012 9:14 AM, Ryan Johnson wrote:
Hi all,

For the moment I don't want to upgrade to texlive (the 200MB download factors in there), but even after removing every visible semblance of tetex, setup still wants to bring in texlive. I've searched setup.ini and ensured that no package listing tetex as a dependency there is installed (tetex, dblatex, kpathsea, etc.) but no luck.

I've attached my current package list from cygcheck ... is there something on there I missed?
Update: the culprits were gnome-common, gtk-doc, and xmlto.

In case it becomes useful to anybody else in the future, below are the scripts I used to unmask the dependencies.


$ join <(cygcheck -cd | sort) <(cat setup.ini | awk -f cygcheck.awk | python texlive)
$ cat cygcheck.awk
/[@]/ {
printf("%s", $2)
/requires:/ {
for (i=2; i <= NF; i++) {
printf(" %s", $(i))

$ cat
import collections,sys
base,closure = sys.argv[1], set()
users = collections.defaultdict(lambda:set())

for line in sys.stdin:
    names = line.split()
    name = names[0]
    for dep in names[1:]:

todos = set(u for u in users.iterkeys() if u.startswith(base))
while todos:
    user = todos.pop()
    if user not in closure:
        todos |= users[user]

print '\n'.join(sorted(closure))

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