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Re: mintty scroll to bottom

On Mon, Mar 05, 2012 at 07:57:29PM +0100, Lemke, Michael  SZ/HZA-ZSW wrote:
> On March 05, 2012 6:26 PM Ryan Johnson wrote:
> >On 05/03/2012 5:05 AM, Lemke, Michael SZ/HZA-ZSW wrote:
> >> On March 04, 2012 12:51 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>> On Mar  2 20:20, Andy Koppe wrote:
> >>>> On 2 March 2012 08:41, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>>>> On Mar  1 20:43, Andy Koppe wrote:
> >>>>>> On 29 February 2012 12:46, Lemke, Michael  SZ/HZA-ZSW wrote:
> >>>>>>> What is the mintty equivalent to rxvt/xterm's
> >>>>>>>
> >>>>>>> -si|+si
> >>>>>>>               Turn on/off scroll-to-bottom on TTY output inhibit;
> >>>>>>>               resource scrollTtyOutput has opposite effect.
> >>>>>> There's no such option. Shift+End will get you back to the current
> >>>>>> output after looking at something in the scrollback, as will any
> >>>>>> keypress that sends something to the terminal.
> >>>>> Any chance to implement this?  Automatic scroll-to-bottom is a useful
> >>>>> feature, IMHO.
> >>>> I disagree. The point of being able to scroll back to earlier output
> >>>> is to read and perhaps copy something. When doing that, having the
> >>>> scrollback jump back to the bottom without the user asking for it is
> >>>> rather unhelpful. The Windows console does this, and I always found it
> >>>> really frustrating.
> >>> THat's why this is an option in xterm.  Every use has another idea how
> >>> the terminal should behave in this regard, I guess.
> >> I'd also appreciate very much implementing that option.  mintty is
> >> promoted here as a replacement for rxvt but obviously lacks a functionality
> >> I've come to depend on.  My use case is a terminal window in which I don't
> >> do much but where a lot of background jobs regularly produce output.
> >> A quick glance at the window tells me the current status of those jobs.
> >> Not with mintty anymore.  Same with the classic use case tail -f logfile.
> >What you describe above sounds more like mintty allowing a visible "end 
> >of output" to scroll off the bottom without following it, a behavior 
> >I've never observed and which would arguably be a bug.
> That's not what I said.
> >
> >When I fire up something that produces copious output (gcc bootstrap, 
> >compile emacs, etc.) mintty scrolls to track end-of-output unless I 
> >purposefully scroll upward 
> Right, same here.  Turning on scroll-to-bottom would change that.  It
> scrolls to bottom immediately.
> >(in which case I'd prefer it to stay put long 
> >enough to read/copy the text rather than immediately jumping me back to 
> >end-of-output). 
> That depends on what I am doing in such a terminal.  I might have a
> tail -f /var/log/messages & in that session on a system with low 
> syslog activity.  I want to be notified immediately if there is 
> output and don't mind being interrupted.
> >Once the scrollbar is set back to bottom, it again 
> >tracks end-of-output. 
> Correct.  And that's the step I want to skip.  The si-option does
> exactly that.
> >
> >Am I missing something? Or do your background jobs just produce output 
> >really infrequently compared to 'make all'?
> In this case yes, but I also like scroll-to-bottom if there's more output.
> >The latter is the only way I 
> >can see "reading stuff from the past" and "scroll-to-bottom" coexisting 
> >peacefully 
> They usually won't.  Thatâs why this should be an option and not the 
> default.

Most of the behaviour discussed in this thread can be achieved or
emulated using screen (notification on activity, scroll and output
logging at will, etc). Might be useful to take a look at it.

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