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Re: Setting TZ may break time() in non-Cygwin programs

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Mar 1 21:15, Christian Franke wrote:
TZ environment variable is set by default since base-files 4.0.7.

Unfortunately this breaks the time() calculation for all non-Cygwin
programs run from Cygwin if Microsoft C runtime (mscrt*.dll) is
used. MS CRT evaluates TZ but supports only a very old syntax
subset. IIRC this is the case since VS1.x (DOS/Win16) and did not
change since at least VS10.
I'm sorry, but I really don't care enough.  If that's a problem, then
just unset TZ in your environment before calling non-Cygwin tools, no?

Of course, after tracking down the problem to the new TZ it is now easy to unset it :-)

No problem in scripts, but inconvenient and error prone for interactive use.

But, as usual, PTC.

OK, ...

Simple: Unset TZ for Win32 programs run from Cygwin.

More flexible: Set (unset) TZ=CYGWIN_WINENV_TZ if this variable is set (to empty). Otherwise keep TZ as is.

would a patch for any of the above have a chance to get accepted?


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