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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New packages: texlive-20110705-1, texlive-collection-*-20120202-1, libkpathsea{6,-devel}-20110705-1, libptexenc{1,-devel}-20110705-1, asymptote-2.15-1

On 3/2/2012 2:12 PM, Ryan Johnson wrote:

On 02/03/2012 12:57 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Yaakov Selkowitz, TeX Live has
been added to the Cygwin distribution, replacing teTeX. I will be
taking over as maintainer.
Wow. Kudos to you two!

If you have any [teTex] packages installed, setup.exe should
automatically offer to install the replacement packages from TeX Live.
Could you comment on how (if) the cygwin version differs from a manual
install of tex live, and how cygwin's packaging/versioning interacts
with tlmgr?

You manage the manual install by using tlmgr to add/remove/update collections or individual CTAN packages whenever you want. The distro install is not intended to be used with tlmgr. It provides one package for each TeX Live collection, which will be updated periodically (by me). You could probably figure out how to make the Cygwin install use some of the files from your manual install by setting TEXINPUTS appropriately. See

for some hints.


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