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Re: Recent upgrade to wish leads to a problem

"Yaakov (Cygwin/X)" <> writes:
> Thank you for reinforcing my point.

No, thank you for all your work, because without that we couldn't have
this discussion.

> While we certainly promote the Cygwin/X server, forcing
> xorg-server/xinit as a dependency not only won't prevent questions
> (since the user still needs to *start* the X server), but those who
> use other X servers will have this very complaint.

Note: I'm not opposed to give a stronger hint to folks who might not
know what an X server is and why they need one.  If they don't follow up
on that hint it becomes their problem, but you can't reasonably expect
someone to look for an answer to a question they don't even have.

As long as setup.exe doesn't handle "recommendations", how about having
an (empty) package "X-application" (or whatever better name you come up
with) that all such applications depend on?  I'm still not sure how to
get the actual warning to the user, but for starters the postinstall
script could fail when it doesn't find the Cygwin X server and leave a
file that cygcheck looks for otherwise.  If that file is missing I'll
get an INCOMPLETE package in cygcheck.  If I have an install using an
external X server, I can create that file and have clean cygcheck output
(and getting the postinstall marked done).

> Now please excuse me while I get back to orchestrating the next major
> transition for the distro.

Thanks again.

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