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make producing basename error that can't be captured by "make &> make.out"


I've already run an earlier version of this through the list to see if I was dealing with pilot error. Its gotten to the point that it was suggested I consult and submit.

The issue came up when I did a Windows cut-and-paste of a directory in my cygwin home, cd-ed to it, and got a basename error when I ran make. Was able to figure out that make didn't like "Copy\ of\ myStuff" and all I had to do was remove the spaces and everything was happy.

But while trying to debug, I found another issue. The first is that I wanted to trap all output to a file so I could run make -d to see where basename was getting called. So, I used "make -d &> make.out" per #3.6 in Everything except the basename error went to the file ... basename still printed to the screen. Tried other variations with no success. That's when it was suggested I do the report.html.

I went through the archives and the closest I found was a 2005 post with a basename error, but it seemed to not cover what I was seeing.

To show the problem:

Create a directory called "myStuff" in one's cygwin home directory. Do a "cd myStuff" and run make. It will say no targets or makefile found. Now, open the cygwin home directory with a Windows "right click Open". Do a Copy and then a Paste of myStuff to get "Copy\ of\ myStuff". Do a cd into that directory and run make. I am getting:
basename: extra operand 'myStuff'
Try 'basename --help' for more information.
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

That's the original problem and this test proves that it is nothing in my makefile as there is no makefile, its happening in the execution of make. With make -d, it still is the first thing called before one gets the opening stuff about which version, no warranty, etc..

If I type "make &> make.out", the basename error still goes to the screen and the no target/makefile goes to make.out.

The issue I am reporting is the lack of capturing the basename error to make.out, though I do think basename not being able to understand directories with space(s) is a nuisance worth noting.

Please let me know if there is any other info I can provide (cygcheck attached)

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