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Re: question on Cygwin's version of make

On 3/1/2012 9:35 AM, LMH wrote:
Some folks call make from a bash file to take advantage of things that bash can do and make can't, or at least easily. Using a "" to run make could let you test anything you want, print warnings, or exit, if anything is spotted. If everything looks good, the script can call make. This is common when you need to collect information about the local configuration (OS, arch, preferences, etc) in a portable way.

Don't know if that helps, but that is what occurred to me reading you post.



Thanks for the reply. For many years, I've had no trouble doing everything inside a makefile, including getting platform/OS/etc. I've seen posts that use a or similar ... up until now I've had no need to consider that path.

Given that the problem is identified (basename doesn't like spaces), a fix is easy (don't use spaces), and everything works, I don't think switching is going to help me. Its more and more looking (to me) like a error/warning message is thrown by basename which is being called under the hood by make (as opposed to my explicitly using that function) and, right now, I can't capture the message when I think I am getting everything stdout and stderr is spitting out.


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