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Re: Recent upgrade to wish leads to a problem

"Matt Seitz (matseitz)" 
>"Christopher Faylor" wrote:
>> In the meantime, if people are piling on to suggest this because they
>> think it will cause someone to add xinit as a dependency to something
>> please be assured that this will not happen.
> OK, what would cause someone to add xinit as a dependency to

One reason I keep asking this question is that I don't understand the
rationale against adding xinit.

I love that Setup will automatically install the dependencies I need to
actually use a package.  Setup failing to install a dependency that most
users will want seems like a step backwards.  So I am trying to
understand the rationale behind this position.

One of the frustrations I used to have with Linux was repeated cycles of
"Package A needs package B, install B, Package B needs Package C,
install C, Package C needs Package D, etc."  I like that modern package
managers, like Cygwin Setup or Yum make it much easier by letting me
just say "I want Package A", and the tool automatically installs all the
dependencies for me.  

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