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Re: Recent upgrade to wish leads to a problem

"Yaakov (Cygwin/X)" wrote:
> Using X requires user intervention to start an X server first.  No
> amount of automatic dependencies will change this, and therefore I
> expect that the number of questions would change one iota.

You don't think that Setup telling the user "package xyz requires
package xinit" might at least tip off some users that running xyz now
requires starting an X server?

Even if it doesn't reduce the questions, would it at least reduce the
problem of users now having to run Setup a second time to download and
install the xinit package?

> > In the case of packages that have both a console mode and an X11
> > perhaps the package could be split into separate packages, as was
> > with "git", "git-gui", and "gitk"?
> Can you provide examples of packages for which this isn't already the
> case?

No, I don't have a specific example in mind.  I was just trying to
anticipate a possible objection of "why should we install xinit for a
package that is sometimes used with just a text console?"

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