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Re: question on Cygwin's version of make

Some folks call make from a bash file to take advantage of things that bash can do and make can't, or at least easily. Using a "" to run make could let you test anything you want, print warnings, or exit, if anything is spotted. If everything looks good, the script can call make. This is common when you need to collect information about the local configuration (OS, arch, preferences, etc) in a portable way.

Don't know if that helps, but that is what occurred to me reading you post.


Paul Allen Newell wrote:

Thanks for reply, my comments inline

On 2/29/2012 11:23 PM, marco atzeri wrote:

names with spaces are always a problem for a lot of unix/cygwin program, so my suggestion is to rename the directory. Please also note that copy&paste will likely mess your file permission

Yes, I solved the problem by removing spaces. I always create directories and files without spaces. but a cut-and-paste in Windows doesn't respect such. I haven't seen any permissions problems on a cut-and-paste .. the only issue I see is when I port back to Fedora and have a script to get rid of everything being an executable.

I am just hoping that I can understand where basename is executed so I
can flag the problem. It ain't a show-stopper, but it would be nice to
just do a cut-and-paste followed by a make in the new directory which
should tell me "you got spaces".

I also noticed that if I run "make>& make.out" that the message is printed to the terminal and is not in make.out. What am I missing to capture all output in make.out?
I like this way

make&2>1 |tee make.out

"&2>1" redirect the error message to the std output

Okay ... interesting ... can I beg a bit more of an explanation as I don't understand the difference between ">&" and "&2>1" (bash stuff is an an area that I am maybe "less than a newbie")


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