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Re: cygheap base mismatch detected

On Mar  1 05:56, Heiko Elger wrote:
> I can agree having some times same error on multiple machines (win7/64) - but 
> always when running perl.
> 1 [main] perl (7796) c:\programme\cygwin\bin\perl.exe: *** fatal error - 
> cygheap base mismatch detected - 0xE158D0
> /0xEF58D0.

I don't know what's with your machine, but these values are *very* bad.
The Cygwin DLL is supposed to be loaded into the same virtual address
0x61000000 in every process.  The above address...  I don't know what
I should say.  Did you run perlrebase?  Is your perl executable
dislocated?  I know that perlrebase did that accidentally at one point.
What does `objdump -h /bin/perl' print?  Additionally, do you observe 
collisions when running `rebase -si'?

> What we really have is the following - so perhaps cygwin thinks he will file 
> multiple cygwin1.dll files.
> We are using German Win7/64.
> Cygwin is installed into c:\Programme\cygwin.
> In German Win7 c:\Programme is a system link to "c:\Program Files" - this is 
> by Win7 automatically.
> Our IT departement create a junction c:\Programme to "c:\Program Files" using 
> mklink /J c:\Programme "c:\Program Files" - cause of other older 
> incompatabilities to our old WinXp environment having a real c:\Programme 
> directory.
> I'm not sure - but perhaps cause of this - cygwin will came into trouble.

That shouldn't matter.  It *could* matter in case of the default
entries in the mount table, but in fact those should be fixed after
the first Cygwin executable is running and then not change anymore


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