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Re: How to revert to older Cygwin1 dll?

On 01/03/2012, at 12:25 AM, Markus Hoenicka <> wrote:

> Leo <> was heard to say:
>> It did work before, so I would like to revert to an older version of the cygwin1.dll. How can I do this? And is there a way to revert the other packages so that they are compatible with the older cygwin1 all?
>> Many thanks. Any help is appreciated. It is very annoying to have no bash in NTemacs!
> Please be aware that by sticking to an older version of the cygwin1 dll you may cut yourself off of any improvements that Cygwin may provide in the future.

Thanks for your details. 

Good point. That's what worries me too. 

> If the regression that you reported is not caused by a recently introduced bug but by an improvement of Cygwin's innards, it probably won't be fixed or reverted.

As said in the original post, it did work before. So I really don't have a clue what broke it in bash 4/cygwin 1.7.10

> You should reconsider your choice of NTEmacs over Cygwin Emacs before doing this. I have used both editors in the past, and the only undisputable advantage of NTEmacs is its support of file drag+drop.

Well, drag+drop plus much easier install: For NTemacs I just copy the binaries to a new machine, hv a working GUI emacs straight away and can add the cygwin stuff only when needed, but for a GUI emacs in cygwin i need to install cygwin, X/cygwin, configure X, run an external bash and then kick off emacs - just in order to use a bash inside emacs. 

Cheers, Leo

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