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Re: Rsync stops inmid of synchronisation

One thing to check is the disk drives. I have had rsync stop when it reaches corrupted sectors, especially if those sectors corrupt part of the file system. I don't remember anything helpful in the log files, I just noticed that it wasn't finishing. Try running disk diagnostic software and make sure your hardware is good. What kind of hard drives do you have and what OS?

If that doesn't show up anything, I would start by synching just one folder. Create a test folder on both computers and add a few files. Make sure your permissions are correct. Make a change in one file and then run rsync. If it finishes and the logs look good, add more to the test folder and see if you can find where it brakes. You can test things like very large files, and folders with a large number of files. If you can't get it to fail, then the issue may be with the data on one of the computers.

The problem may also be with the rsync software, but I can't advise well on that end.


Richard Ivarson wrote:
Good day,

I've successfully used Cygwin and in particular it's RSYNC for many
years, for example to sync a Windows XP computer named Sendi to another
XP computer named Desti in a local network.

Since a few months however rsync is causing me endless trouble. I
regularly upgrade to new versions of Cygwin, so I'm up to date with all
Cygwin programs.
Now I don't know if my network is the problem (it works fine for all
other purposes except rsync) or the rsync program (or its configuration).

Maybe somebody knows how I could encircle the problem. Here's the details:
- Sendi and Desti are connected via a Ethernet cable to a Router
- On Desti rsync runs via "rsync --daemon"
- On Sendi the rsync task is started with "rsync foldername/
Desti::modulename/" (and module name is configured as described in
Cygwin's or rsync's manual)

When the rsync tasks start, at first everything runs fine. I see this by
following to Desti's rsync log file and Sendi's verbose output, and at
the files being synchronisised. Ie the two rsync programs exchange the
files which are out of sync -- but unfortunately just up to a certain
After a number of files have been transmitted -- and this number varies
every time I re-start the task (sometimes it's some 1000 files,
sometimes less) -- the two rsync programs stop to talk to each other.
Sendi's not continuing to send file names anymore. But why? I've
increased Sendi's rsync verbose level to maximum but it just stops to
print the file names it wants to send to Desti.

So I've started Wireshark to see the network traffic, and next to good
RSYNC packages there are also some bad ones named "Malformed RSYNC
packet" in Wireshark. For example Sendi's Wireshark log looks like this:
[Malformed Packet: RSYNC]
Expert Info (Error/Malformed): Malformed Packet (Exception occurred)
Message: Malformed Packet (Exception occurred)
Severity level: Error
Group: Malformed

Since I'm no network expert (I can just start Wireshark and watch the many log entries), does anybody of you Cygwin users know what's happening?

To sum up the problem: rsync worked well on Sendi & Desti, when suddenly
a started rsync task just partly works but then stops. And depending on
how many times I re-start the task or the computers, I can get smaller
or bigger parts of the whole sync task. Usually not the entire however,
because it stops long before the end...

Thanks for any hints.


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