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Re: 1.7.10/1.7.11: .Net programs started from a cygwin console may fail.

On Feb 28 22:41, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> The culprit is setup.exe apparently.  If it sets 1777 permissions, it
> uses the same permissions for the inheritable default permissions.  It
> should remove the write bits before creating the inheritable default
> permissions.  In Cygwin this is controlled by the umask, but setup
> doesn't know about a umask.
> So, the correct solution is to change setup.exe to create less dangerous
> default permissions for the Win32 apps in case of 1777 dirs.  That makes
> the tmp/temp stuff in etc/profile unnecessary.

I just applied a fix to setup so that the default permissions for dirs
created with the sticky bit (t) set don't contain write permissions for
group and other.  I see to it that it will be uploaded to

> The *big* problem are the already existing /tmp dirs with bad permissions
> throughout the Cygwin users.
> David, instead of setting tmp/temp, What about adding the following line
> to /etc/profile?
>   setfacl -m d:g::r-x,d:o:r-x /home /tmp /usr/tmp /var/log /var/run /var/tmp 2>/dev/null
> That sets the list of directories created with 1777 permissions by
> setup.exe itself to more sane permissions.  Maybe it could be combined
> with a marker file, along these lines:
>   if [ ! -f /etc/.177fix ]
>   then
>     setfacl -m d:g::r-x,d:o:r-x /home /tmp /usr/tmp /var/log /var/run /var/tmp 2> /dev/null && touch /etc/.177fix
>   fi

That should have been /etc/.1777fix, of course.  I think something like
this is necessary since it makes sure that setfacl is called once by a
user with the right permissions and then it's just ignored ever after.


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