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Re: Recent upgrade to wish leads to a problem

>> Previously bin/wish was a link to wish84.exe (from memory).
>> Recently it was upgraded to wish 8.5.exe. Now, unless X is
>> also running, wish fails ... I'm not quite certain which
>> recently upgraded package led to this: tcl-tk or tcltk ..?

> The tcltk libraries now require a running X server in order to
> display graphics. This is recent and more importantly intentional
> according to what I've read on this list ...

OK, thanks. I'm really miserable about this advance which has messed badly with my preferred MO (amongst other things, not using X). I tried to revert but got into a tangle (and in fact ended up with no wish* under /bin, at all). I have recovered a non-updated Cygwin from about a month ago (i.e. wish -> wish84.exe) which of course offers many opportunities for updating packages using setup.exe.

It is not clear to me which update opportunity I should decline in order to keep wish -> wish84.exe and not move to wish -> wish8.5.exe. Searching for this executable under Search packages yielded

Search Results
Found 1 matches for wish8.5.exe
tcl-tk/tcl-tk-8.5.11-1    Tcl X11 toolkit

so I de-selected this. However, watching the update process unfold, it is clear that *something else* uninstalled tcl-tk (I saw the phrase "Uninstalling tcl-tk"). Was it expect? python? both of which were selected in the update process. So as before, I have ended up with no wish* under /bin, at all. (Possibly some dependency is missing in setup.ini? Also there appears to be nothing under [prev] under tcl-tk :o( )

I will try to recover the working version from 1 month ago and start again.

Q1 It would be good to know what recent update, separate from tcl-tk explicitly listed above, has led to the un-installation of the existing tcl-tk. Any ideas?

Q2 In some other contexts Cygwin provides "nox" versions additionally to versions requiring a running X server. Is there any chance that tcl-tk-8.4 could be recovered and offered as a nox version?

Thank you.

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