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Re: slow ssh login on a cygwin machine

On Feb 28 17:02, Ilya Dogolazky wrote:
> Hi Corinna !
> 02/28/2012 04:49 PM, ext Corinna Vinschen ÐÐÑÐÑ:
> >This kind of delay is often a result of the process trying to
> >access some remote filesystem.
> How can I investigate this (is there something like "lsof" in Windows)?

There's a fuser in the psmisc package, but the latest version doesn't
work as expected, downgrading to the previous psmisc package helps
for now.  But I don't think this will help you here.

> If you're speaking about "process", do you mean the "sshd" process?

Any process on the server started during login.

> And what could be a reason for it to access any remote file system?

Most likely it's something in your login scripts.  For instance,
consider expressions like this:

  ls /$my_path

This results in a `ls //foo' call.  // is the top-level of all UNC
network paths.  THis call will result in Cygwin searching for a machine
called foo.

> > Or, maybe you have DNS problems
> > on the server.
> What kind of "DNS problems" could it be?

I'm not an expert, but any kind of DNS communication problem can result
in delays trying to resolve a machine name.  I don't know, it's just
some arbitrary idea for the potential cause of a spurious delay.


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