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Re: slow ssh login on a cygwin machine

Hi Corinna !

02/28/2012 04:49 PM, ext Corinna Vinschen ÐÐÑÐÑ:

This kind of delay is often a result of the process trying to
access some remote filesystem.

How can I investigate this (is there something like "lsof" in Windows)?

If you're speaking about "process", do you mean the "sshd" process? And what could be a reason for it to access any remote file system? My home directory is on the hard drive, I surely use some remote file systems sometimes (by opening file explorer and copying files), but I don't see any reason for sshd to do the same.

Is there any explicit way to "unmount everything remote" in windows? I close all the explorer windows, but of course it could be not enough.

> Or, maybe you have DNS problems
> on the server.

What kind of "DNS problems" could it be? I disabled reverse DNS query (if I correctly understand meaning of the option "UseDNS") and see "last login from" message now (where xxx are digits).

That size is not overly surprising.  The size of the lastlog file
depends on the highest uid used to login into the system.  In your case
you seem have pretty large uids.  Every uid slot in lastlog takes
276 bytes.  So you had login attempts from a user with a uid 1615639.
Oh, thanks! I was getting over-suspicious :)



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