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RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: cloc 1.55-1 -- Statistics utility to count lines of code.

Frank Fesevur wrote:
> I just installed cloc and tried in on a small project I do, but I
> can't get it to work:
> Frank@PC205 /cygdrive/c/Source
> $ cloc NppSnippets/
> Can't open perl script "perl": No such file or directory
I've seen this too.  It seems perl is getting upset by the shebang at the top
of the script.  If you open `$(which cloc)` in your text editor of choice and
change the shebang from `#!/bin/perl perl` to just `#!/bin perl`, it seems to
work fine.

Where, by "work fine", I mean get further and bug out with a different error:

    $ cloc
    [FATAL] Perl CPAN modules are needed. Please install them with:

                  cpan Algorithm::Diff Regexp::Common
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/cloc line 73.

I'm not sure what I'm getting wrong here; there's nothing I can see that's
obviously missing from my install.  I've attached a (redacted) cygcheck.out
in case anyone fancies a peruse. 

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