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Re: recursive read-only folder copy issue

On 2/24/2012 11:03 AM, Yohann Martineau wrote:

sorry if this question has already been asked one thousand times, if
it's the case, google, the faq and the mailing list search engine
missed it.

If I create the following tree in windows explorer:


Right-click on dir1 in windows explorer, uncheck grayed read-only and
check-in read-only, apply on all subfolders and files.

Open cygwin bash, type the following command line:

cp -r dir1 dir1-1

In windows explorer, a new dir1-1 folder is created as expected, it is
possible to open this folder.

Try to open file2 in windows explorer, error "access denied". It's the
same with dir2 folder, "folder not available, access denied".

If I try to delete folder dir1-1 (using shift+del), file2 is removed
but I have an error "cannot remove folder dir2, this folder is not

Sorry if this behavior is expected.

I managed to delete this directory running chmod 755 -R dir1-1 in
cygwin shell. In this case, I can open folder dir1-1/dir2 and see that
file2 is still there. Then I can remove this dir1-1 folder from
windows explorer.

For your information, I stumbled upon this problem copying a directory
from a clearcase dynamic view mounted as a network drive. I performed
a plain vanilla test with the detailed description below.

You could try mounting the drive where you're seeing this behavior with the "noacl" flag if you want to mix and match Windows and Cygwin tools when you're working with files. See the Users Guide for more information about mount flags.



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