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Re: more "address space needed ... is already occupied" problems (with snapshot of 2012-02-20)

On 2/24/2012 1:31 PM, Michael Lutz wrote:
Am 24.02.2012 03:25 schrieb marco atzeri:
the cygwin's ruby package "" should be included in the rebaseall
list by default.

I never said my script would specifically fix this problem. I only said that, just like for perl, it is very easy to install additional binary ruby modules NOT covered by cygwin's package database.

As long as perlrebase is needed (and it definitely is on my computer),
there's also the need for an equivalent rubyrebase.


Hi Micheal never told something different.

rebaseall, as standard, takes care of the "cygwin" dll's,
anything additional needs additional measures.

Your rubyrebase take care of the additional module installed
for ruby, while for installation from source I need to use
the "-T FileList" option of rebaseall.

The fact that in Tassilo's system ruby is not reported by
rebaseall highlight a specific serious problem on its system.


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