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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: csih-0.9.5-1

csih (cygwin-service-installation-helper) provides a library
of shell functions that can be used by other cygwin packages
that provide servers and daemons. It can assist in various
service installation tasks, such as:

* identifying the underlying Windows OS
* detecting whether a "privileged user" exists and what its
  name is (that is, a user account with enhanced privileges
  necessary for some services)
* creating a privileged user if one doesn't already exist
  (assuming the caller has permissions to create new users)
* creating "normal" users
* obtaining the (localized) name of well known accounts
  (Guest, Administrator)

It is currently used by inetutils(iu-config, syslogd-config),
openssh (ssh-host-config, ssh-user-config), sspi(sspi-config),
sysvinit(init-config), and various others.  csih should not be
used directly; instead, config scripts like the ones mentioned
above should 'source' the csih script, and then use the
functions provided.

[[ cygwin binary utilities compiled using gcc-4.5.3-3 ]]
[[ native binary utilities compiled using mingw-gcc-4.5.2-1 ]]

CHANGES (since 0.9.4)
o native/Makefile: Avoid -mno-cygwin and gcc3; use mingw cross compiler.
o native/winProductName.c (GetOSDisplayString): Support
  Windows 8 and Windows Server 8. Improve support for various
  Microsoft OS products.
o New functions csih_is_windows8(), csih_is_exactly_windows8(),
  and csih_is_exactly_windows8server().
o In csih_account_has_necessary_privileges(), no longer attempt to
  validate membership in Administrators group -- the test doesn't
  work properly on domains anyway. Just try to set the necessary
  rights and report error if the operation fails. Reported by
  Corinna Vinschen.
o In csih_create_privileged_user(), don't attempt to check whether
  /usr/bin/passwd has the -e option; all versions of passwd shipped
  with cygwin-1.7.x support it. Reported by Tom Schutter.
o Fixed bug related to the various existing csih_is_exactly_*

Charles Wilson
volunteer csih maintainer for cygwin


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