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Re: sed 4.2.1-1 locks files on windows

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Feb 21 11:58, wrote:
see here:

When I change files in cygwin bash with the sed command, the file gets locked.


     Open cmd and cd to non-user directory (f.e. temp)
     echo aaa>  test.txt
     Open in texteditor, add line, try to save =>  works
     %CYGWIN_HOME%\bin\bash -c "sed -i 's/aaa/bbb/' test.txt
     In texteditor, add another line and try to save =>  "Access denied"

I just had a quick look into the aforementioned thread on stackoverflow. The answers are a bit off the track. The problem here is that you mix Windows and Cygwin tools in a directory with weird default permissions which don't translate nicely to POSIX permissions.

Here's what happens:

- cmd's echo will create the file with default inherited Windows
   permission bits.  These permission bits don't make a lot of sense
   from a POSIX point of view.  That's where the ---------+ permissions
   come from.  That doesn't mean that you have no permissions!  Note
   the + at the end which means, there's an ACL with additional
   permissions attached to the file.  Use getfacl(Cygwin) or cacls(Windows)
   to print the extra ACEs.

NB: On Win 7 one is informed-- "NOTE: Cacls is now deprecated, please use Icacls."



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