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Re: vim - patch 7.3.358 broke double click and copy/paste functionality

P. Szmytka wrote:

After updating to vim-7.3.393-1 paste using middle mouse button stopped working for me.
I narrowed it down to patch 7.3.358 to be the culprit.

--- Are you talking about vim or gvim?

I've never had the mouse work in vim, (which doesn't mean it couldn't have been configured to work), but it always behaved as a dumb text app.. I could select text in manner of the term I was running in (i.e. cmd.exe. selects/copy text differently from 'Console'...)... but vim in *text* mode never responded to the mouse (I know it's possible for text programs to interact w/a mouse in a tty window, just never seen vim do it)...

FWIW, I lost ability to cut/paste from any X windows into Windows
about 4-5 months ago... at first I figured some config file had been
'fixed' or overwritten for me...but after some exploring, found that
nothing worked  (with cygwin X or Xming X)...

I try to remember to edit with gvim on windows and edit mounted
file systems, but it is a pain not to have it work...but hasn't been
important enough to pursue...  have a stacktrace due as homework that I
still haven't turned in to the teacher...( ;-) )... wonder if he'd believe
my dog ate my stacktrace?   ;-)

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