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RE: Unable to install coreutils 8.15-1(?) - error in exit code 127

> On 2/20/2012 12:35 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
>> That link error is typically a sign of cygwin1.dll being too old 
>> compared to what coreutils 8.15 is expecting.  Are you sure your 
>> cygwin1.dll comes from 1.7.10, and that it wasn't in-use when you 
>> upgraded in such a manner that you are still running cygwin 1.7.9 in
> Interesting. uname -a is reporting 1.7.9. You might be right! I'll try
to find a time to reboot and > check this out.

I had the same problem yesterday after trying to install "chere": cygwin
executables not doing anything, but cygcheck saying all packages OK.
After a lot of floundering, FAQing, web searches, trying to force
reinstall of coreutils 8.15, then forcing reinstall from local disk of
everything, still no cigar. Reading this thread this morning put me on
the right track: force downgrade of coreutils to 8.14-1. Then cygwin
works again, but that can only be a temporary fix, since every time one
runs setup, it upgrades coreutils to 8.15...

Anyway, after reboot, uname -a says 1.7.9-1. And indeed, opening
cygwin1.dll in "dependency walker" (a Win32, not a cygwin, tool) shows
that sys_siglist is not defined. But cygcheck states that 1.7.10-1 is
installed! Hence I forced reinstall of pkg "cygwin" (while it upgrades
coreutils). Now everything is fine.

I suppose we'll never know what began the problem. Still, cygcheck
should NOT have reported 1.7.10-1 as OK when it was not...

Thanks to the whole cygwin community for help on this in particular, and
for a fine ware in general.

Michel Bardiaux
"As far as I can see all I see is C"

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