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Re: Unable to install coreutils 8.15-1(?) - error in exit code 127

On 02/20/2012 12:16 PM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> This may or may not be related... In keeping my Cygwin installation up
> to date I refreshed my install. There was some lib<something or other>
> that was new and the coreutils, which keeps reporting it is new but
> which I have not been able to update to. As I said before, updating the
> coreutils results in a system in which most exe's fail to run, do
> nothing but return 127 for an exit status. I suspect most of these are
> simply loader errors.
> Reinstalling coreutils 8.14-1 gets me back up and running but I cannot
> start Apache. Doing things like:
> $ /usr/sbin/httpd2 -t
> $
> Does nothing (Normally this just checks your config file's syntax and
> says Syntax OK or tells you what's wrong. Here is says nothing). Of
> course a 127 is returned.
> Trying this in cmd is a little more informative. I get a dialog box
> stating:
> The procedure entry point sys_siglist could not be located in the
> dynamic link library cygwin1.dll

That link error is typically a sign of cygwin1.dll being too old
compared to what coreutils 8.15 is expecting.  Are you sure your
cygwin1.dll comes from 1.7.10, and that it wasn't in-use when you
upgraded in such a manner that you are still running cygwin 1.7.9 in memory?

Eric Blake    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library

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