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Unable to install coreutils 8.15-1(?) - error in exit code 127

I cannot install coreutils 8.15-1 because when running the postinstall it has an error.

Looking at the setup.log.full I see:

2012/02/20 10:22:15 running: C:\Cygwin\bin\bash.exe --norc --noprofile /etc/postinstall/
/etc/postinstall/ Using the default version of /etc/DIR_COLORS (/etc/defaults/etc/DIR_COLORS)
2012/02/20 10:22:17 Changing gid to Administrators
2012/02/20 10:22:24 note: Installation Complete
2012/02/20 10:22:24 Ending cygwin install

I looked at the script and I see no reason for it to fail. However I believe things are messed up before postinstall even runs this script. If I do the following:

$ cp /etc/postinstall/ /tmp; echo $?

The bare cp(1) fails with 127. All kinds of commands fail with 127 like:

$ ls /bin/cygwin1.dll; echo $?
$ id; echo $?

Everything fails!

My work around is to reinstall version 8.14-1 of coreutils. Does this mean that coreutils 8.15-1 is horribly broken?
Andrew DeFaria <>
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