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Re: LLVM ERROR: Program used external function '...' which could not be resolved!


2012/2/20 KIMURA Masaru <>:
> And more Google'ing, I found this post on LLVMdev ML:
> Â
> Â> 2. The LLI test failures occur because the dlsym function on cygwin can
> Â> only find symbols in a loaded DLL. If the symbol is in the .EXE file
> Â> then the symbol doesn't get found. Since LLI links in things like
> Â> printf, strcat, and some other fundamental functions, they don't get
> Â> found on Cygwin. A similar thing happens on MacOS but for a much
> Â> smaller set of files for which we hand code a workaround. The set
> Â> of functions on Cygwin is basically a large fraction of glibc, too
> Â> much to do by hand.
> But this is back in 2005, I don't know this is still correct in 2012,
> LLVM-3.0 and Cygwin-1.7.

I've tried to build nvc w/ stub DLL, the errors are gone and it works fine.
I guess this issue still stands. (maybe upstream WONTFIX?)

anyway, thank you to marco for trying help.
and sorry for noise again.


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