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Re: cygrunsrv doesn't stop service during reboot

On Feb 20 11:56, Frank Fesevur wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a annoying problem with rsyncd running as a service using
> cygsunsrv. When I reboot the server running Win2008R2 the service is
> not properly stopped. Therefore the .pid file stays in /var/run and
> when the server starts again, the rsync daemon not started because it
> finds a .pid file.
> When I manually stop the service (net stop rsyncd) it works as
> expected. We don't have this problem on our Win2003 server. The
> cygrunsrv command is the same on both servers: cygrunsrv -I rsyncd -d
> "CYGWIN rsyncd" -f "Rsync file transfer daemon" -p /bin/rsync.exe -a
> "--daemon --no-detach" -O

It's supposed to work like this:

  The main thread of cygrunsrv is doing nothing, except waiting for the
  actual daemon to terminate in a waitpid(2) call.

  A second thread is called from the Windows service control manager to
  notify cygrunsrv of the imminent shutdown.  In your case (-O) it gets
  the SERVICE_CONTROL_PRESHUTDOWN message.  The called function calls
  kill(2) to kill the daemon.

  The main thread returns from waitpid(2), checks if the pidfile exists
  and, if so, syslog's a message to the Windows log (unless you run
    "service `rsyncd': removing <pidfile>".

  Then it unlinks the file and if that didn't work, it syslog's
  another message:

    "service `rsyncd': error removing <pidfile> (errno=N)"

Did you check your log?  Do you see any of these messages?  If not,
I assume that the shutdown kills the service process so fast that it
has no chance for the cleanup.  Which is kind of weird in case of
preshutdown, given that you're supposed to have 3 minutes, at least
by default...

> Do I overlook something? Are other people having similar problem with
> cygrunsrv with win2008R2?

Interesting.  Given that 2003 doesn't support the control message
SERVICE_CONTROL_PRESHUTDOWN, it's kind of strange that it works on 2003
but not on 2008R2.  Did you try to reinstall your rsyncd service without
the -O option, so that the service acts on the SERVICE_CONTROL_SHUTDOWN
message instead?


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