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hexedit install shell seems rudimentary

Would love if someone could help me get me back to my cozy Cygwin terminal.

When I use the cygwin shortcuts to cygwin.bat or mintty.exe I am
getting a basic terminal.
1) The command prompt displays "-bash-4.1$" instead of
"username@directory" like before.
2) The command prompt is black and white whereas before it had color.
3) "C:\cygwin\bin" is no longer in the PATH environment variable. Now
I have to manually append it.

How it started:
I tried to install xedit. The setup version I was using was out of
date, but I went ahead anyway. While installing packages for hexedit
it paused and stated the Cygwin.dll file was in use. I closed all my
rxvt terminals and hit retry. It continued to state the dll was in
use. After hitting retry several times I just hit continue. At the end
it stated that several files were in use during installation and that
the pc should be restarted before using cygwin--at least I think
that's what it said. I didn't restart the PC, but did try using
cygwin. I saw what I'm describing. I restarted the PC and the problem
persisted. I've since upgraded my Cygwin.dll to 1.7.10.

Sytem Config:
Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit
Intel Core2 Duo 1.87GHz
136 GB HDD space

P.S. Just to let everyone know, I seriously tried to figure this out
but was at a loss as to which direction to even go. If someone can
even point me in the direction to go I will gladly do the work to get
there. I do see that bash is sourcing my .bashrc file since all my
aliases work. After this point I wasn't sure where to look.


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