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Re: base-files 4.0-9: LANG is set to the system default, why not the user selection?

On 16 February 2012 20:05, David Sastre Medina wrote:
> For the first, I apologize. WRT the second, here's a new attempt:
> 'locale' is set system-wide in /etc/profile.d/tzset.* to provide
> a new functionality, that, IIRC, was included in the announcement of
> the base-files' release.
> Also, 'locale' _can_ be set at a user-defined level, to provide the
> user the ability to set 'locale' despite system-wide setting, wich
> could be needed in multi-user environments, for instance.

What's the reason for setting LANG to the system language in
/etc/profile though? /etc/profile may be a system-wide file, but it is
always sourced in a particular user context. There are several
problems with relying on ~/.bash_profile to set it to the user's

1. It incurs an extra fork.
2. As Peter pointed out, it only works for new users. Existing users
can't reasonably be expected to merge /etc/skel/.bash_profile changes
into their own file.
3. The override in ~/.bash_profile is unconditional, which means that
LANG settings in mintty's options, in cygwin.bat, or the user's
Windows environment are ignored.

Therefore, please consider changing /etc/profile.d/lang.[c]sh to use
`locale -uU` and dropping the LANG setting from


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