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Re: base-files 4.0-9: LANG is set to the system default, why not the user selection?

David Sastre Medina skrev 2012-02-16 21:05:
> No need. It looks like I haven't properly understood your complain. Also it
> looks like I haven't explain properly what was the thing with setting
> 'locale' both system-wide and user-defined.
> For the first, I apologize. WRT the second, here's a new attempt:
> 'locale' is set system-wide in /etc/profile.d/tzset.* to provide
> a new functionality, that, IIRC, was included in the announcement of
> the base-files' release.
> Also, 'locale' _can_ be set at a user-defined level, to provide the
> user the ability to set 'locale' despite system-wide setting, wich
> could be needed in multi-user environments, for instance.

(or as in my case, where someone else decided that I should have a non-
English version of Windows.)

> base-files includes several files that create you $HOME and populate
> it with the files under /etc/skel/. After that, if you ever modify
> them, further updates won't affect those files, respecting the policy
> of not dealing with user modified files (some other distros will
> prompt you to either install the package version, keep the installed
> version or see the differences, for example).
> The scripts that check for existing files, compare them to the package
> version and perform the update if it has to be done are:
> /etc/preremove/
> /etc/postinstall/
> Your attached .bash_profile does look unmodified, BTW, so regarding
> the fact it wasn't replaced by the update process, I've tried to
> reproduce it, unsuccessfully. It works for me.

As I understand it, base-files contains the file
At installation, /etc/postinstall/ copies that to
/etc/skel/.bash_profile, if it that file doesn't exist already.
Then at uninstall, if /etc/preremove/ finds that
/etc/skel/.bash_profile is not changed, it is removed (so that
an updated package feels free to copy over the new version).

Further, when a user *first* logs in, /etc/skel/.bash_profile
is copied to ~/.bash_profile by the /etc/profile script.  At no
other point are files in ~ modified, as I understand it.  The
way I read your explanation above, you are implying that your
~/.bash_profile is updated along with /etc/skel/.bash_profile,
and I simply fail to see where that is happening.  It is also
counter to the message from /etc/profile (also quoted by Mike):

  Copying skeleton files.
  These files are for the users to personalise their cygwin experience.

  They will never be overwritten nor automatically updated.

I.e. my /etc/skel/.bash_profile is version 4.0-9 as I expect,
but my ~/.bash_profile is the old 4.0-6 version from when I
first logged in, and I see no code anywhere that checks if
~/.bash_profile matches /etc/skel/.bash_profile and updates
if it is pristine.  So, the question remains, why is your
~/.bash_profile updated when you upgrade the base-files package?

Or have I misinterpreted your message again?

.bash_profile is of course just an example in this, select any
of .bash_profile, .inputrc, .bashrc and .profile.


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