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Re: base-files 4.0-9: LANG is set to the system default, why not the user selection?

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 03:24:47PM +0100, Peter Rosin wrote:
> Mike Kaganski skrev 2012-02-16 14:37:
> > Then you seem to just mock at the maintainer. It's not too polite. Yes, it would be desirable if this effect (and the proposed steps to fix it for those who already use this package) would be noted in the release advertisement. Yes, sometimes even a maintainer may make mistakes on their maintained stuff. But if you have some objections or proposals, it's better to simply say so to people who devote their time and knowledge to us. And append "thank you" in the end.
> Look, I was asking honest questions.  I was giving David a chance to
> correct himself, in a case where I wasn't completely sure what was right
> and wrong, but my gut told me that I was right.  Then you jumped in with
> snide remarks that I should "pay attention".  To something that happened
> eons ago!  When it was apparent that I already believed the thing I should
> pay attention to, and was just questioning something that contradicted it!
> Then I had a more thorough look at things and confirmed my gut reaction.
> In my eagerness to respond to your snideness I probably misrepresented
> things so that it seemed like I knew from the start what was going on.
> So, David, I apologize if I have offended you and it is perhaps best if
> everybody just forgets everything that has happened in this thread since
> Mike appeared in it.

No need. It looks like I haven't properly understood your complain. Also it
looks like I haven't explain properly what was the thing with setting
'locale' both system-wide and user-defined.

For the first, I apologize. WRT the second, here's a new attempt:
'locale' is set system-wide in /etc/profile.d/tzset.* to provide
a new functionality, that, IIRC, was included in the announcement of
the base-files' release.
Also, 'locale' _can_ be set at a user-defined level, to provide the
user the ability to set 'locale' despite system-wide setting, wich
could be needed in multi-user environments, for instance.

base-files includes several files that create you $HOME and populate
it with the files under /etc/skel/. After that, if you ever modify
them, further updates won't affect those files, respecting the policy
of not dealing with user modified files (some other distros will
prompt you to either install the package version, keep the installed
version or see the differences, for example).

The scripts that check for existing files, compare them to the package
version and perform the update if it has to be done are:


Your attached .bash_profile does look unmodified, BTW, so regarding
the fact it wasn't replaced by the update process, I've tried to
reproduce it, unsuccessfully. It works for me.

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