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Re: base-files 4.0-9: LANG is set to the system default, why not the user selection?

David Sastre Medina skrev 2012-02-15 23:14:
> The files under /etc/profile.d are sourced by /etc/profile, which sets
> system wide settings.
> For user-defined values, the place to override a system-wide setting
> depends on the shell you're using. E.g., for bash, it would be
> ~/.bash_profile. Check /etc/skel/.bash_profile. It should include
> these lines:
> # Set user-defined locale
> export LANG=$(locale -uU)
> Probably you have a customized ~/.bash_profile, so updating to
> base-files-4.0-9 didn't replace it.

Hmmm, ok, that doesn't completely match what I'm seeing in my $HOME, my
.bash_profile *looks* (who am I to tell, it's attached) unmodified from
4.0-6, so just a quick question, what postinstall script is responsible
for moving the updated skel files into $HOME?  I couldn't find any, but
admittedly didn't spend much time looking...


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