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Re: File permissions problems with cp in Windows 7

On 2/15/2012 12:09 PM, Tom Quarendon wrote:
I'm hoping you can help me understand a problem that's been plaguing me
for some time.
I'm on a recent version of Cygwin (cygcheck -V reports 1.7.9) and I'm on
Windows 7. I believe I have set up my /etc/passwd and /etc/group using
mkpasswd and mkgroup in the appropriate way. If it makes a difference I am
logged on to my machine as a domain user.

So I have a file created externally to Cygwin, just normal notepad for
example. Let's say this is called hello.txt.

Now I can "fix" this by just doing a chmod -R 755 or some such, but this seems so be papering over the real issue.
Do I expect the permissions on the root of my C drive to just be ---------?
Have I set up Cygwin wrong, or rather missed a set up step?

I can't reproduce this on 1.7.9 using a domain user following the steps you outlined above. Perhaps there's something hidden in your cygcheck output and passwd and group files that would help? The only thing that occurred to me is that my user is part of the local administrators group. I'm not sure yours is. You might investigate that. Or try with a local user (with and without admin privs). Alternatively, if you only care about Windows permissions and not POSIX ones that Cygwin prefers, you can use the "noacl" to tell Cygwin to not use POSIX permissions on any part of the file-system. See <> for more details. I recommend this option only as a last resort of course.

-- Larry


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