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Mintty Log Off problem

With Cygwin 1.7.10(0.259/5/3) upon logging off Windows XP SP3
I get a pop-up window "End Program - C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe"
with a "End Now" and "Cancel" button every time I log off
Windows and I have somewhere in that Windows session run
the Mintty shortcut which has "C:\cygwin\bin\mintty -u -"
in it and my default shell is tcsh.  This never happened
with previous Cygwin releases.  What's even more interesting
is that in all cases I exit all my programs before logging
off, including the mintty window.  I've even tried hitting
the "Cancel" button and then looking for a process named
mintty or "Terminal" (since that's what mintty's description
is and that is used by some process tools) with both Process Explorer
and Task Manager, but I can find no such process -- and then
when I try to log off again not having found such a process
the pop-up comes back and I can't log off until I hit
"End Now".

Since I haven't seen any reports of this on this list, I must
be about the only one this is happening to.  Any clues as to
what I can do to find out what Windows is actually failing to stop
when I try to log off having run mintty beforehand?

Harry G. McGavran, Jr.


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