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Re: sed strips CRs

Greetings, Earnie Boyd!

>>> The standard response to issues dealing with CRLF files is to point the
>>> user to dos2unix and text mode mounts. This should be adequate without
>>> the hidden behavior of sed/grep/awk and probably others.
>> While your reasoning is sound, I prefer them to behave the way they are for my
>> own goals.
>> I can't possible alter between text and binary mounts, or use d2u on and off
>> in an attempt to produce consistent and predictable end results.

> Consistent behavior is what I see as the issue.  IMO, sed, grep and
> awk should behave the same as on UNIX for consistent and predictable
> behavior.  Treating CR as white space not only helps the Windows user
> it also helps the Unix user when Windows files are transferred to it.
> I know that for sed at least treating CR as white space works very
> well.

Most apparent: it breaking EOL matches.

Andrey Repin ( 15.02.2012, <01:12>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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