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Re: postinstall reboots system; saving settings for reinstall?

Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!

>> Earlier today I was updating my cygwin installation (WinXP, cygwin 1.7
>> as of a couple weeks ago) when the computer suddenly rebooted.
>> Because there were so other things running at the time I assumed it
>> was just bad mojo, but after doing things slow and methodical-like, I
>> narrowed it down to a cygwin setup.exe postinstall step.  It's 100%
>> reproducible -- but I don't know which package is triggering it (as

> You can probably find out by running the scripts in /etc/postinstall,
> those which are not renamed to *.done, one at a time.

> However, Cygwin is only user-space stuff.  If there's no explicit reboot
> call in a postinstall script (which I doubt), then you're suffering some
> more serious problem which is just accidentally triggered by an action
> in the script.  Note that the Cygwin DLL has no builtin code which would
> reboot the machine.  The only package which can do that is the shutdown
> package, and that one has no postinstall script.

What struck my mind while reading your reply - some antivirus software could
reboot system in an attempt to prevent infection.

Andrey Repin ( 11.02.2012, <16:50>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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