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Re: newbie: cygwin initial usage crashes machine

On 2/10/2012 3:12 PM, jss pop wrote:
cygwin newbie. This is going to seem very low-key compared with the
level of posts I see here but would really appreciate some help with a
few things just to get started pls. I have checked the FAQ and lists but
they are too advanced for where I am right now with cygwin.

I  installed cygwin( CYGWIN_NT-5.1)without any problems at all. Clicked
the Win desktop icon and the up came the Window and bash prompt.
However I then tried:-

Hi newbie

that just told us that you are running cygwin on XP (=NT-5.1)

$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 xxxxxxxxxxxx 1.7.10(0.259/5/3) 2012-02-05 12:36 i686 Cygwin

cygwin version 1.7.10 running on W7/64 (=NT-6.1-WOW64)

find / -name “*.c” –print (and again later with –type f argument) This ran, found a few .c files but continued running for a very long time – longer that expected. Even from / I though it seem too long. Many files appeared seemingly (from the displayed path name) as “registry-type” (UUID’s in pathname) under /proc. The machine eventually crashed! I do mean the machine itself btw and not just cygwin.

/proc is a virtual file system and it includes the windows register. /cygdrive is a mount of all windows drive, so a search on / is a search on all disks plus the register and something more, no surprise is very long

A search with find should not crash the machine, but other software other than cygwin could cause it.
For the time being restrict your find to a specific portion
of the tree

find /home -name “*.c” –print
find /usr -name “*.c” –print

and avoid /proc and /cygdrive

The PC is running Win XP sp3 on a FOXCON mobo with 4Gb installed Crucial ram (passed by memtst).

The disc layout is “unconventional”. For historic reasons,  the boot
partition is on F: and the system partition on C:   This F: partition is
in fact a logical partition residing in an extended partition. Cygwin is
installed in F:\cygwin

That should be not a problem if the partition is NTFS one. FAt32 will provide insufficient capability on file permissions

I later tried running vi and that hung within the cygwin terminal window – but I think maybe that is because not one of the installed programs as I cannot find the vi exe anywhere. I would though have expected a “not found” error. (And using “find” to find it crashes!).

I tried
“which vi” and that gave /bin/vi

Finally, I just tried running “ed!” and got this:-
$ ed
       1 [main] -bash 1580! _pinfo::dup_proc_pipe: something failed for
pid 0: re

                       s 1580, hProcess 0x6E1, wr_proc_pipe 0x758 vs.
0x758, Win32 error 6

I’d like to use cygwin – can someone pls help?

please follow
Problem reports:
about the data we need to understand the status of your cygwin
installation and that of your windows.

ed is probably not the easiest editor to start with.
I suggest to install at least vim ( Vi IMproved 7.3)
that at least has a tutorial mode.


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