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Re: Issue with sshd and sftp process on Windows 2008

On 2/10/2012 4:59 AM, Abhishek1 Ranjan wrote:


I am using the following details to manage my application with help of cygwin.

Cygwin Version : 1.7.5(0.225/5/3)
  Windown OS: 2008 64 bit

We use cygwin to transfer the files from Unix server(where
application serevr runs) to Windows Server(Where we archive files).

This was runnign fine in Windows 2003 since Dec 2010(When we started
using cygwin). Then in Dec 2011 we switched to Windows 2008 Server.
After couple of days of succesful run, it started creating problem.
Sometime I can see sshd process(Fork Process) or/and sftp-server.exe
processes gettign stuck and my application serevr threak keep
waiting for this process to complete which ends up in restarting the
application server.

The same works fine in another Windows 2008 serevr which uses same
version of cygwin. We tried to replicate but failed.

We have checked CPU / Network usage and it looks fine.

The issue is intermittent(Sometimes it happens thrice a day and
sometimes once a week).

Try installing the rebase package, reading its README, and following the directions there. Either that or upgrade to the latest Cygwin DLL package (1.7.10). Either should help with the fork problems.

-- Larry


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