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Re: help2man 1.40.4-1 and cygintl-8.dll

On Thu, 2012-02-09 at 16:41 +0100, Peter Rosin wrote:
> I happened to look in the help2man package and found that it
> contained a file cygintl-8.dll.  Here are the first few files
> in the help2man package:
> Thu Dec 29 07:25:27 2011      0 usr/
> Thu Dec 29 07:25:27 2011      0 usr/bin/
> Thu Dec 29 07:25:27 2011  17540 usr/bin/help2man
> Thu Dec 29 07:25:27 2011      0 usr/lib/
> Thu Dec 29 07:25:33 2011      0 usr/lib/help2man/
> Thu Dec 29 07:25:27 2011      0 usr/lib/help2man/ -> cygintl-8.dll
> Thu Dec 29 07:25:33 2011   7694 usr/lib/help2man/cygintl-8.dll

This is necessary in order to make help2man's LD_PRELOAD hack work. is meant to override a couple of gettext functions (in
order to use uninstalled message catalogs), but that won't work on
Cygwin unless the DLL names match, which necessitated adding
pass-through wrappers to the other functions as well.  I suggest looking
at my patches if you want to understand exactly what's happening here.

> It's not good to have two different paths to the same dll, right?

Since the LD_PRELOAD hack will only be used briefly and rarely, and the
real cygintl-8.dll is already loaded as a dependency of sh/bash, I don't
see any practical problem here; I certainly didn't encounter any when
testing this hack.


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