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Re: Tcl/tk dll's

On 2/9/2012 3:14 AM, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
On Wed, 2012-02-08 at 23:51 +0100, marco atzeri wrote:
curiosity, any reason why the tcl/tk  dll's are
not using the cyg prefix ?

In fact, there is. The point of the "cyg" prefix is to avoid possible mismatches with MinGW DLLs using the "lib" prefix. In this case, however, forcing a "cyg" prefix with Tcl's unique build system would be a lot of work for no gain, since Tcl already has its own way of distinguishing between the two (tclXY.dll vs. libtclX.Y.dll). Note that python and R (in Ports) do the same thing for the same reason.

For the record, I did patch Tcl to also recognize the "cyg" prefix for
those extensions which are built with other build systems.



I was in fact thinking about the ITP of R starting from your version and I was just wondering if I could live with libR.dll or hack it in cygR.dll.
I was waiting the TCL/TK transition for a final check

Specially as the dll's are on a dedicate directory, out of the PATH

staying with libR.dll should be fine in any case.


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